Clinical Research Jobs: Prospects in Depth

There is an increasing demand of clinical research jobs as the industry of Clinical Research is growing at a rapid speed of 30% each year. The field of clinical research offers an appealing career. The clinical research jobs offer an excellent financial package. With a few years of experience, a Clinical Research Analyst can earn a respectable to high salary.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research comprises of the study of a drug from its origin to the understanding of the effectiveness, safety and treatment by the drug for human use. Before the medicine reach the market or can be confirmed as fit for prescription for patients, the medicines has to undergo a lengthy process of trials for its approval and confirmation. The responsibility of a Clinical Research analyst is to conduct such trials and to make sure regarding the efficacy and safety of the new medicine. These tests are performed on healthy subjects and also on patients suffering from various diseases.

It is estimated by a research firm, RNCOS that the outsourced market of clinical trial in India will expand at a compound annual growth rate of minimum 30%, during 2010 and 2012 to approximately $600 million. This widespread extend of growth shall make India as one of the most desired locations for clinical trials.

It is not only in India that there is an increasing requirement of well-trained clinical research professionals, but the requirement is world wide. Some of the countries such as India, Europe, and China are always on the look out for clinically skilled professionals. It is approximated that in the following 5 years, the world shall have a requirement of minimum 50,000 trained professionals. Hence, if you have a science background, and if you wish to go ahead in the arena of medicine, then the career of clinical research is an excellent option. There are several clinical research jobs available.

There are several institutes which provide classroom or online based training courses which help in putting you on a fast track career growth in the industry of pharmaceuticals. There are numerous institutes in India which provide guidance and training in Clinical Research. It is important to get enrolled at the appropriate institute.

The qualities of the Clinical Research institute such as qualified and experienced staff and experience of the staff shall make sure that you inculcate the skills which are required for you to get converted into industry ready professionals. After becoming a Clinical Research Associate, you can further grow to become a Clinical Research Associate Manager, Biostatistician, Vice President, Project Manager, Director Clinical Research Operations, Safety Manager, or even become a CEO in a multinational company at the pinnacle of your career.

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